Penalty Champs 22

In the wonderful soccer game Penalty Champs 22, you compete in a tournament of penalty shootouts. Display your ball-handling skills! 

In Penalty Champs 22, you'll need to show that you can maintain composure during the pivotal penalty match. Penalty Champs 22's goal is extremely straightforward. You must outscore your opponent in goal totals. To win the trophy, pick your favorite national team, then shoot and defend penalties. Get ready for four straight football games that will only feature penalties! Who rises and who falls will be determined by these bullets! Let's get started after you pick your squad.


  • The visuals are in 2D color.
  • Reflexes are developed thanks to the gameplay's simple controls.
  • Potential for nationality and team


  • Use the mouse to play.
  • Tap to change the direction, height, and velocity of your shot.
  • When defending, tap the target that appears in the goal.

Whether you play in the event with or without the group stage, have fun!