Pumpkin Doodle


Pumpkin Doodle is a 2D arcade game with limitless stages. Assist Pumpkin Jack in collecting all of the cash and rings necessary to save the God of Halloween.

Your goal as a player is to maneuver Jack through the eerie hallways to gather rings and coins that are subtly hidden throughout the terrifying environment of the game. Move about and get rings and cash by navigating Jack. Your score increases as you gather more. Steer clear of ghosts at all costs because they can end your game too soon. The speed at which you can gather the things while avoiding the ghosts determines how far you can advance in the game.

Features of Pumpkin Doodle

  • An eerie gaming environment that amplifies the Halloween theme
  • Progress is hampered by the tense gameplay and menacing ghosts.
  • A selection of coins and rings to gather that encourage fast reactions and analytical thought
  • Simple controls that make playing fun but demand mastery


To travel about and gather rings and coins, use the mouse or keyboard arrows. 

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