Ragdoll Archers


Ragdoll Archers is a one-of-a-kind game that combines stickman avatars, ragdoll physics, and intense PvP warfare to reinvent the excitement of archery. 

Gameplay of Ragdoll Archers

Your objective in this action-packed game is straightforward: aim your shots precisely and shoot! If you're an enthusiast for archery, you'll get to participate in exhilarating duel matches with a range of opponents who are all equipped with bows and arrows. You will take on a variety of opponents, each with unique challenges, and begin with basic arrows and conventional stats. To defeat every enemy, from nimble ones to heavily armed ones, you'll need to modify your approach. Look out for massive foes, which act as mini-bosses and provide significant prizes upon defeat.


  • Realistic Arrow Physics: Because arrows fly with realistic trajectories, players must become proficient at precisely aiming and timing their shots.
  • Ricocheting Arrows: Ragdoll Archers' arrows have the ability to bounce off objects and make resonant noises, allowing for inventive gameplay techniques and trick shots. 
  • Special Arrows: There are many different types of unique arrows in the game, and each one has distinct skills. These arrows add variety to the game so that players can try different things and figure out how they want to play. 
  • Ragdoll Archers includes multiplayer options that let users battle online against friends or other gamers. This guarantees that no two matches are the same and gives a competitive advantage.


Single-player mode

To control and leap, use the left mouse button and the spacebar.

2 Player Mode

  • Player 1: To control the archer, press WASD. To jump, press left shift.
  • Player 2: To control the archer, press the arrow keys; to jump, use right-shift.