Real Boxing Fighting Game


Popular fighting game and boxing simulator Real Boxing Fighting Game has amazing graphics, a long boxer career, and easy-to-use controls. 

Ready to start boxing game in Real Boxing Fighting Game

In a knockout boxing match, use a range of blows and combos to battle. The game offers three exciting modes: Daily Mission, One-on-One, and Missions. Make your choice, then get ready for an exciting battle! Your character's survival depends on how fast they can move and how strong their punches are.


  • Extra game modes: Test your boxing skills by facing off against boxeo bosses in Real Boxing's Arcade Mode or competing in the Underground Tournament to get your boxer new equipment!
  • Fantastic audio and visuals: Take in the breathtaking visuals and lifelike motion-captured animations produced by the Unreal Engine while you box.
  • Participating Features: Use Daily Rewards and the Daily Spin to win incredible boxeo prizes. And how's your fighting game doing? Before the big fight night starts, make sure!

How To Play

Your boxer is skilled at uppercuts, hooks, and right and left jabs. WASD is used to move. To assault your opponent with your hands or your feet, you can use your mouse.