Retro Goal

Retro Goal is a quick and enjoyable game that combines features from soccer games with club management.

The best football video games of the 16-bit period served as the stylistic inspiration for Retro Goal. The first stage involves selecting your team, organizing the squad, and preparing to score some goals. Prior to purchasing the additional content to compete for the title, play the first 10 games for free!

How To Play

A squad from one of the most well-known leagues in the world should be included, along with the superstars, professionals, and up-and-comers who will help you win. You will receive complete instructions for using the control keys when the game initially launches.


  • Contain pixel-art-created photos.
  • The four levels of difficulty are simple, average, difficult, and very difficult.
  • Upgrades to stadiums and team facilities are made with coins.
  • Individual video game accomplishments
  • Statistics and breakdowns for the entire team, the individual players, and other teams.