Rugby Kicks Game

Rugby Kicks Game is a fantastic reactive rugby free kick game in which you must hit the most amazing kicks possible. Choose your favorite national team and begin scoring points by kicking the ball towards the goalposts. The keys to leading your team to success will be power and precision. 

Whatever your background, you'll want to make your rugby squad proud by honing your abilities and piling up the scores! Aim your kicks so that the Rugby ball lands in the green area. You must kick the ball through the goalposts. The more points you get, the better your kick. In this highly fun online rugby game, kick the ball 25 times across 5 distinct stages. If you enjoy this game, you should also try Football 2012, which is based on American football. 

How To Play

Tips for Rugby Kicks Game

Professional rugby players take time to get their breathing right before they kick. That way, they won't be able to grab or slice the ball wide. Learn from what you see. Do not move, and work on your aim and power. 


Press the space bar to choose which way the strike will go. You get more points if you get close to the green spot in the middle.