Run 3

In the well-known online endless runner game Run 3, you take control of a character that must travel through several space tunnels. 

Gameplay of Endless Runner game Run 3

You have to run as far as you can without falling! Avoid falling tiles, traps, holes, and other things that could stop you as you move through the levels. If you hit a wall, the screen will turn around. In this action-packed endless runner game, you go on a scary journey through a very small space. The small grey alien needs your help as it navigates ever-changing environments. 

There are various game modes available in Run 3, such as explore mode and unlimited mode. While infinite mode just allows you to test your skills in an unlimited version of the game using the arrow keys, explore mode allows you to advance through the levels. 

How To Play

Tips to play Run 3

Learn how to jump well. The short jump and the long leap are two different kinds of jumps. Clicking on the arrow will cause it to jump a short distance. You can also jump farther and higher if you press and hold the arrow key for a prolonged period. You will need to watch and jump accordingly based on the map. Using this method will prevent you from getting drawn into space.

Always pay attention! To help you plan your next jumps, keep an eye on the tunnel faces. This will assist you in avoiding dead ends and determining the simplest path through challenges.


  • To move, use the arrows.
  • To jump, use Space or the Up arrow.
  • To reset, use R.
  • To pause the game, press P.