Super Simple Soccer


The new football game Super Simple Soccer is easy to pick up and play. 

Just score more goals than the other team before the 90 seconds are up to win this game. In the game, you play as the Blue Square while the computer plays as the Red Square. Furthermore, the computer will automatically choose a goalkeeper for each of them. You need to win five games in a row to win the World Cup. This game, which is reminiscent of the iconic arcade game Pong, uses squares to represent soccer players. 


  • Simple, new, and soothing gameplay
  • Pick the colors and name for your own squad.
  • Jump and shoot, paintballs, and ghosts
  • Sound recordings

How To Play

To put your player in a one-on-one situation with the goalie and move the ball to the other goal in an attempt to score, use the arrow keys. To jump, sprint (run faster), and fire at the goal, use the Z-X-C keys, in that order. 

Wishing you luck and remember to play some of our more challenging Soccer games online!