The Best Russian Billiards


The First-person pool game The Best Russian Billiards features stunning 3D graphics and accurate physics. 

For players of all ages and skill levels, The Best Russian Billiards is an amazing game. In the multiplayer version of the game, show off your skills to your pals while taking part in the exhilarating action. To pocket every ball your opponent has before they pocket yours is the aim.


  • Thanks to its diverse gaming possibilities, you can play alone or with a group of pals.
  • Vibrant colors and high-quality images immerse participants in the experience.
  • To tailor your billiards experience, you can change the game's difficulty, table style, and other settings.
  • Difficulties range from easy to expert.

How To Play

To adjust the direction of your shot, drag the left mouse button on the screen or the left sidebar.

To adjust the shot's power, drag the left mouse button to pull the cue located on the right side of the screen.