Vex 8

Vex 8 is available, so be ready to enjoy the new challenges and mechanics of the popular series!  

How to play

Your goal is to make it to the finish line while dodging chasms, spikes and saw blades. 


  • To Move: Use "W, A, S, D" or "ARROW KEYS"
  • To Slide: Use "S" or "DOWN ARROW"
  • To Jump: Use "W" or "UP ARROW"

Tips for Vex 8

  • Pay attention to the instructions in the tutorial at the start of the game to learn how to use the various game elements, such as trampolining and boosting your jumps.
  • To get past incredibly high regions and barriers, use wall jumps. Leap swiftly from wall to wall to do this.
  • Your level progress is saved when you pass through a checkpoint. This allows you to practice more difficult stunts at your leisure.