Wrestle Bros


Wrestle Bros is a fighting game that takes place in a two-dimensional arena and immerses players in the realm of professional wrestling. 

Conquer glory in Wrestle Bros

Select from a variety of characters, then unleash your moves—from bone-crushing slams to aerial assaults. Take your pals on in intense online wrestling matches and demonstrate your prowess. Bro, get set to rule the ring and take home the title!  To win a match, you have to have the upper hand over your opponent for more than three seconds. As you progress, you can unlock 20 different wrestlers, each of which has a unique set of moves. Try out each fighter's different postures to see which combat style works best for you. There are various game kinds in Wrestle Bros, such as single match, tournament, and two-player games.  

How To Play

Employ a variety of well-known special wrestling tactics to wear down your opponent and attempt to finish the match by knocking him out. Take off into the ropes, charge at your opponent to deliver a strong blow, scramble up the ring's corner, leap into the air, and use a fantastic suplex to finally weaken the other fighter.  


In Single player mode

  • Use the ARROWS to move
  • Use space to action

In 2-Player mode

  • Player 1: Moves with the WASD keys and performs actions with G.
  • Player 2: Moves with the ARROW keys and performs activities with L.