Cricket FRVR


The latest action-packed cricket game, Cricket FRVR, mixes realistic batting models, strategic wicketkeeping, and quick-paced gameplay. 

The real game of cricket, in which two teams of eleven players each compete, is the model for Cricket FRVR. By hitting the ball over the field and sprinting to the opposite end to prevent it from reaching the wicket, players aim to score as many runs as they can in this game. It's a great way to become fully knowledgeable about the appropriate strategies you can employ in real-world gameplay.

How To Play

Before the field team can return the ball, try to score a run by hitting the ball and sprinting to the opposite end of the field. Your side will score four runs, or "four," if you hit the ball to the boundary of the field. Try striking the ball over the edge without touching the ground to score! A six is the shot with the greatest score! 

Controls: To hit the ball, use your mouse. 

You had the best start honing your reflexes and swing at the appropriate time since timing is everything in this game. 

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