Dino Run


In Dino Run, try to run as far as possible while avoiding the obstacles. Play this amusing dinosaur-running game to see how high you can score.

Dino Run provides a fun and nostalgic experience that brings back memories of beloved running games. The gameplay becomes more complex and exciting when you run, stomp, jump, and gather eggs. In an alluring pixel art setting, the game delivers an exhilarating blend of fast reflexes and strategic timing. The Flash game from 2008 has been updated and is now compatible with modern web browsers. Now flee for your life. 

Features of Dino Run

  • Playing games that become addictive: Pixel Dino Run offers hours of thrilling gaming with its fast-paced action and progressively harder levels.
  • Style of Retro Pixel Art: Savor retro pixel art images that remind you of vintage arcade games.
  • Simple to understand Regulators: This game is easy to play even for novices because to a straightforward screen-tap system, but it nevertheless retains its complexity for experienced players.
  • Based on scores Speed: As your score rises, so does your speed, which ups the difficulty and exciting factor.
  • Gameplay of Dino Run
  • As the dinosaur races to avoid extinction, you take control of it. To preserve the survival of your species, you must dodge flying meteorites, avoid obstructions, and outwit attacking dinosaurs.


  • Use Left/Right arrow key to Move left/right
  • Use Up arrow key to Jump 
  • Use Down arrow key to Duck 
  • Use Shift to Dash 

Give Dinosaur Game a try if you are looking for a more classic game!