Football Legends

Football Legends is an exciting game that soccer fans will love because it has standard professional players who are quick to hit the ball into their opponents' goals.

After choosing your squad, play intense soccer matches against a friend or a computer. In this situation, you have control over both the offensive and the defense. Kick and head the ball to score goals after goals to aid in your team's victory.

The MadPuffers series is known for its humorous character design. Score as many goals as you can before the game is done by jumping, kicking, sliding, and using special powers. You should put in as much time as it takes to prove that you have what it takes to emerge victorious from the competition in terms of your practice.

Game modes

Solo and Cooperative play are the two methods to play the game. The three accessible game modes are Quick Match, Tournament, and Friends. For each of these modes, there are choices for playing solo or with a friend.  


  • To move, press WASD or the arrow keys.
  • To take a picture (Shoot), press L/X.
  • To take a Supershot, press K or Z.

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