Halloween 2016

Halloween 2016 Google Doodle is an interactive game about a little, adorable kitten named Momo who has to safeguard her magical school from nefarious ghosts.

This year's Halloween Doodle is about Momo, a freshman cat who is on a journey to save her school of magic. Please help her get rid of the bad ghosts by swiping in the shapes of the icons above their heads. You should act quickly because the ghost that stole the master spellbook is already on the run! 

The story of this game takes place at the Magic Cat Academy, and each of the five levels is in a different part of the school, such as the library, the cafeteria, the rooftop, and so on. To get rid of the ghosts, players have to draw symbols on the screen, which makes the game very participatory. Each ghost has a symbol on top of its head. To get rid of a ghost, players must correctly draw the sign. It gets harder to beat the ghosts as you move through the levels because they have more complicated symbols and move faster.


Use your mouse to play Halloween 2016