Skibidi Geometry Dash


Welcome to the fantastic experience of Skibidi Geometry Dash. Are you ready to show off your dexterity skills in this gorgeous game with the Skibidi toilet? 

Skibidi Geometry Dash - The combination of the most popular games 

The vibrant and colorful world of Skibidi and the difficult and quick-paced action of Geometry Dash combine in the thrilling and original game known as Skibidi Geometry Dash. Are you prepared to demonstrate your extreme dexterity in this lovely Skibidi toilet game? 

Players get control of the Skibidi toilet guy in Skibidi Geometry Dash and set out on an endless trip full of perilous hazards and challenges. The combination of the frenetic action of Geometry Dash and Skibidi's lighthearted persona makes for an unforgettable experience. The objective is to travel as far as you can while showcasing your abilities against a progressively challenging array of challenges. 

How To Play

You have to leap over obstacles to finish the level. Use the computer's left mouse button to jump. Simply tap the screen anywhere in the game on your phone to leap.

We sincerely hope that you will strive for a higher score each time you play because your score increases as you clear more obstacles. Enjoy more Geometry Dash games with Geometry Dash World and have fun!